Dear Fitnessfriends

Actually  i am gradurating my education to be a fitnnesinstructor.
In this case i`m getting a lot of input about workout, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle.
I wonna share this input with you.

At the moment, we are living in a society wich is show us that size 0 is more important than a healthy body. A society where your aegrotat degree is more important than yourself. 
In november 2010 i created  my fitnessblogg  „Strong & Healthy“.
Thats my way to demonstrate everyone who`s interessted , how easy, funny and aspecially healthy it can be, to have the skinny/ trained/muscular body everbody wants.

So lets start with the daily activitys.
Most people just being in motion to go ( better sayin`drive) to work and back. That`s 65% our society i think. Without fail that`s why we get sick. All these sicknesses of society like grip, common cold or osteoporosis, are in reason oft he deficit of movement.
So what if i say, it`s enought to walk 30min. per day without a break in between to run away from these society sicknesses? What if i say, ist enough to eat the right thing, in the right way??
RIGHT!!!! Normally it should be enough, but we shouldn`t forget the daily stress at the job ore at home, we should forget the bad quality of air we are breathing,,,and we should forget that being educated, strong and tough  needs a lot of energy!!!
And Thats why we need continuous workout !!!
With right eating , coming down after a strong day , and a little bit walking, our body is armed for a normal request. But normal request is`nt enough in our society so you need to boost your capacity for the daily chaos. With constantly training and enough recovering we are boosting our daily capacity.
Nice saying right ?!,,,,,Yes that sounds nice,,,but what happens with our body while we are training ?

In the reason of workout, our blood hast he ability to transport more oxygen and othe important nutriens, which let our organs, muscles and all other systems of our body, work better,easier and more economic. That means, we`ll need less energy for the same movement and will be better koncentrate.  
As well our metabolism is working better, the immune system is getting stronger and our heart is working more economic! But the best reason to doing workout  for being happy ist the psycial effect.
Because of workout we`ll getting more balanced, more resistant for stress/trouble and other reasons to feel uncomfortable.
So if you are looking forward for a long and healthy live, just doing sports ;)

Best regards

Your fitnessinstructor – Eileen Hilton ;)

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